Tests Management

Tests Management is an important and integral part of verification. A tremendous amount of development cycle is usually spent on verification, so managing tests in a systematic way helps decrease and ease the verification cycle significantly. Common questions such as Do we have a test for each requirement? Which tests should we prioritize? Have we executed all of the tests? What is the status of the tests? Am I done with verification? - can be answered easily with efficient tests management.

Spec-TRACER offers robust tests management features providing Verification Engineers and Project Managers real-time visibility to verification activities, tests status and test results. Spec-TRACER provides the following:

  1. Creation and Management of Test Plans and Test Cases


  1. Environment for review of test plans, test cases and test results against a checklist, and report generation of the review activities


  1. Creation and Assignment of Test Attributes


  1. Command line application that can be executed from simulation scripts (running on Aldec or non-Aldec simulator)


  1. Results Analysis

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