RTAX/RTSX Prototyping

Aldec’s prototyping solution for Microchip™ RTAX-S/SL and RTSX-SU devices utilizes reprogrammable flash-based ProASIC3E FPGA's (both the RTAX/RTSX and ProASIC3E device families belong to Microchip). The RTAX-S/SL and RTSX-SU prototyping package includes a prototyping adaptor board that maps the footprint of the ProASIC3E device to the footprint of the RTAX-S/SL and RTSX-SU device (e.g. CQ208, CQ256, CQ352, CG624). Support is also available for the larger CG1272 packages, call for details. After soldering the adaptor to the PCB, the ProASIC3E device can be reprogrammed through the JTAG interface connector.

EDIF Netlist Converter Software 

An optional RTAX/RTSX EDIF Netlist Converter software product is available and performs automatic conversion of the RTAX/RTSX EDIF netlist to ProASIC3E EDIF netlist. It replaces primitives and memories taking into the consideration differences between RTAX-S/SL and ProASIC3E architectures.


This RTAX2A3P converter also performs automatic conversion of the PDC constraint files. The RTAX EDIF Netlist Converter compliments the hardware adaptor by allowing for a "seamless" move of RTAX designs to a reprogrammable prototyping platform.


Key features:

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