Genome Alignment

Scientific researches at many fields need computational power sometimes even more than industrial applications. To demonstrate the power of FPGA, Aldec and Indian Institute of Science faculty enterprise, ReneLife, implemented algorithm of ReneGENE for accurate genome alignment on Aldec’s HES-HPC FPGA-based accelerator.


ReneGENE offered on HES-HPC as AccuRA, for accurate, and ultra-fast big data mapping and alignment of DNA short-reads from the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms, with full coverage of the genome (million to billion bases long), including repeat regions. The technology, devoid of heuristics can precisely align the DNA reads against a reference genome at a single nucleotide resolution. As genomics permeates the entire landscape of biology, including biomedicine and therapeutics, ReneGENE creates a genomic highway that significantly contributes to reduce the time from sample to information without compromising on accuracy, critical for lifesaving medicare applications, biotechnology product development and forensics.


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ReneLife is a technology start-up, launched as a faculty enterprise of the Indian Institute of Science, in the area of Life Sciences. ReneLife is devoted to providing cutting-edge hardware-software co-designed accelerated solutions. It has made a start by developing ReneGENE - a proprietary core technology, for accelerated accurate alignment of short reads from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms through massively parallel and scalable realizations. The objective of the company is to bring new affordable and commodity scale products and solutions to market, that extends the frontiers of precision and targeted medicine.

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