Accelerated Waveform Viewer (ASDB)

Category : Debug and Analysis

The Accelerated Waveform Viewer is a high performance tool for graphical presentation of simulation data stored in a binary simulation database (*.asdb). The Accelerated Waveform is fully integrated with the Active-HDL and Rivera-PRO frameworks, and allows viewing simulation results similarly to the Standard Waveform Viewer/Editor.

It also offers the following advantages:

  • It is optimized for speed and memory allocation, reducing time and resources needed to run simulations with a large number of signals.
  • Simulation databases in excess of 1GB are loaded almost instantly, which means that large waveform files can be loaded during a few seconds.
  • Waveform scrolling and zooming is also instantaneous.
  • Large Arrays of real values and multidimensional arrays can be observed.


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