HES-DVM Proto Cloud Edition

HES-DVM Proto CE is the Cloud Edition of Aldec’s HES-DVM software product used for design compilation and partitioning into multi-FPGA prototyping platforms. It is available in Amazon AWS Marketplace as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) built upon the Amazon Linux image as a base with preinstalled Aldec HES-DVM software. The HES-DVM Proto CE combines Electronic Design Automation software for design partitioning and compute platform scalability of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).


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Partitioning for Multi-FPGA Prototyping

Physical prototyping enables the highest clock rates, often close to the target ones, so it is ideal for verification in the real environment with devices sending and receiving real data streams. The HES-DVM Proto CE aids in design partitioning, clock conversion and mapping to FPGA and facilitates designing inter-chip connections that utilize serialization techniques to overcome limitation of FPGA I/O.

Aldec HES-DVM contains all necessary automation to assist in your design partitioning and provide fast-track for multi-FPGA prototyping. The HES-DVM Proto CE can be used for prototypes containing up to four (4) FPGAs on Aldec HES boards or third party custom board and provides the following key features.

Key Features


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Aldec HES-DVM Proto CE is available from the Amazon AWS Marketplace, where the user can configure one of available EC2 virtual machines and launch fully configured AMI instance with HES-DVM Proto CE software.

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Bring Your Own License (BYOL) licensing model is used by Aldec HES-DVM Proto CE product. When the Aldec product AMI is started the user can launch software license request which will be processed within 24 hours. More information can be found in HES-DVM Proto CE AMI User's Guide.

HES-DVM Proto CE AMI User's Guide

Printed version of site: www.aldec.com/en/products/cloud/multi-fpga-partitioning