Aldec Customer Testimonials


"While using Aldec's Riviera-PRO for SystemVerilog Verification, we learned that one of Aldec's key differentiators is their readily accessible Support and R&D."

"Aldec also has a geographical advantage with global support teams in nearly every time zone."

"This has helped us resolve issues much faster."

- Srinivasan Venkataramanan, CVC

About CVC

CVC (Contemporary Verification Consultants) is a VLSI Design-Verification company based in Bangalore, India. Through their innovative approach, CVC strives to tackle the ever-challenging problem of functional verification with tailored products and services. CVC’s services to the industry come in two major forms - Consulting Services and Training for working professionals and corporations.


CVC Pvt.Ltd.,
#422, Vibhu Complex, 2nd Floor
27th Main, Sector I, HSR Layout
Bangalore 560102 India

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"Being an engineering development and service company that operates with a start-up mentality and focus; our evaluation criteria boiled down to:
• Acceptable performance at IP level development and regressions
• Easy-to-use and fully automatable/regress-able infrastructure
• Cost Efficiency

We evaluated Riviera-PRO and found it suitable for our requirements and with a few enhancement requests that Aldec implemented we continue to expand our usage."

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