SemiWiki: Conflating ISO 26262 and DO-254

Date: Jan 30, 2018Type: In the News

by Benard Murphy


If you’re in the ASIC business, by now you should have a rough understanding of ISO 26262, the safety standard for automotive electronics. You may be less familiar with DO-254 which has somewhat similar intent for airborne electronics. Unless, that is, you design with FPGAs in which case your familiarity may be the other way around since there aren’t enough new aircraft produced each year to justify custom ASICs. So, ISO 26262 – ground-based vehicles, DO-254 – air-based vehicles, right?



Those lines are starting to blur. FPGAs are increasingly popular in ADAS and self/assisted- driving applications, particularly for their flexibility in supporting logic updates. Similar functionality is also useful in airborne applications. Planes are already well ahead of cars in self-piloting and continue to advance. Meantime ASIC products for those advanced cars (think deep-learning platforms and more sensor fusion) could also be used in planes.


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