SemiWiki: Aldec Swings for the Fences

Date: Mar 17, 2017Type: In the News

by Benard Murphy


In today's fast-moving technology markets, companies who are prepared to step up to opportunity can break Article: Should ARM care about MIPS acquisition by Imagination Technologies?-qemu-min-jpegout of traditional bounds to become players in bigger and fast-growing markets. It looks to me like Aldec is putting itself on that path. They have announced an end-to-end hardware/software co-verification solution which they showed at Embedded World in Nuremberg recently.


The solution starts with linkage to a QEMU ARM emulation linked directly to HDL running on the Aldec Riviera-PRO simulator. Being a techie myself, I’m guessing other techies are going to say “but that’s not a big deal – others have virtual prototypes linked to simulators”. But business breakthroughs are usually not predicated on major technical leaps. It’s more important that they target hot problems with workable solutions, most often integrated around existing capabilities. Aldec’s also has a unique advantage here in their design for FPGA focus...



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