SemiWiki: FPGAs for a few thousand devices more

Date: Oct 24, 2016Type: In the News

By Don Dingee

An incredibly pervasive trend at last year’s ARM TechCon was the IoT, and I expect this year to bring even more of the same, but with a twist. Where last year was mostly focused on ultra-low power edge devices and the mbed ecosystem, this year is likely to show a better balance of ideas across all three IoT tiers. I also expect a slew of ADAS applications to hit the show.

The two IoT tiers besides the edge – gateway, and infrastructure – have room for bigger, more capable chips with either power-over-Ethernet, or wall power available. ADAS applications have vehicle power to work with, and while they have thermal restrictions limiting power dissipation, we’re also seeing larger chips to handle tasks like embedded vision, radar, and lidar.

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