Spec-TRACER™ - Requirements Management.

Requirements Lifecycle Management

Spec-TRACER™ is a unified requirements lifecycle management solution designed specifically for FPGA and ASIC designs. Spec-TRACER facilitates requirements capture, management, impact analysis, traceability and reporting, and seamlessly integrates with windows-based HDL design and simulation tools. Spec-TRACER helps companies streamline the requirements engineering process, optimize the development cycle, improve collaboration, and reduce risk and costs.



Top Features

Requirements Capture

  • Automatic import from MS Word or Excel via heading styles or tags including requirements ID, name, description, tables and pictures
  • Import FPGA/ASIC requirements from DOORS
  • Track changes mechanism to detect changes when re-importing documents


  • Traceability links between requirements, HDL code, test cases, testbench, log files and waveforms are established easily
  • Generate upstream/downstream traceability reports

Change Impact Analysis

  • Know the impact of requirements changes before and after they occur
  • Know the exact number of projects elements that will be impacted

Test Results Management

  • Automatically trace and track test results including PASS/FAIL status, Code Coverage, Expression Coverage, PSL Coverage and SystemVerilog Functional Coverage
  • Cross navigate between test cases, simulation results, log files and waveforms

Documentation and Reporting

  • Generate daily, weekly or monthly reports via batch
  • Create complex reports to implement company standards and templates